Thursday, 22 May 2014

Storytelling in Court and Cloister

On the 2nd November 2013, the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York hosted the conference ‘Storytelling in Court and Cloister’ organised by MediumAevum, the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature. The conference included a paper by Professor Anthony Bale of Birkbeck College  on ‘William Wey’s Storied World’. William Wey was a fifteenth-century English cleric who travelled on pilgrimage multiple times to Jerusalem, wrote a book of his experiences entitled ‘The Matter of Jerusalem’ and constructed c.1460-70 a chapel at Edington in Wiltshire, modelled after the Holy Sepulchre and housing mementoes of his time in Jerusalem. The chapel itself no longer exists, but images of the surviving church can be found here at Anthony's own blog, part of his AHRC-funded research network, 'Remembered Places and Invented Traditions: Thinking About Jerusalem in the Later Middle Ages'. William Wey has also been the subject of research by Pnina Arad, a member of the 'Projections of Jerusalem in Europe: A Monumental Network' research project.

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